Work - The tough bit

Play - The fun bit

Yoga - The best bit 


From office space to yoga studio WORK > PLAY > YOGA allows your employees to take time out of their busy work day, have fun with their colleagues and improve their physical and mental wellbeing in the process.   


What's in it for my employees and our company


> Work productivity - Increased levels of concentration and focus thanks to meditation   

> Stress relief - Taking a moment to focus on your breath can help you to let go of those work woes 

> Behaviour - Positive, attentive, calm, happy.  Eliminate stress, anxiety, anger, depression

> Social - Encourage team bonding, company integration and fun with your colleagues 

> Culture - Embracing health and fitness in the workplace 

> Appreciation - Fill your colleagues with gratitude 


What's on offer... 


Daily yoga sessions - AM, PM and after work sessions 45 minute / 1 hour sessions tailored to your needs 

Company incentive days - Meditation and yoga workshops 

Corporate away days - Yoga off site to be included as part of your away day

* Introductory trial rates offered 




Corporate Yoga